Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy has been classified by health experts as a “high-risk activity” for viral transmission due to the amount of time spent in close proximity. The following policies remain in effect (updated: March 2023).

While policies at “Tranquil Touch” have been slowly loosening, the risk of COVID infection remains. Being immunocompromised myself, I am continuing to take precautions and appreciate your understanding.

Please read through the following policy updates before scheduling a massage session:

  1. All prenatal clients have to submit to the portal a release from their pregnancy provider that says they are healthy and able to receive massage. This policy applies to every individual pregnancy and will remain in place permanently.
  2.  COVID Vaccination/Booster is appreciated
  3. Masks must be worn at all times
  4. How are you? and COVID waiver form must be submitted no more than 24hrs before every session
Many Steps Have Been Taken for Your Safety & Comfort

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If you cannot find a massage therapy appointment, complete this form to be added to the request list and you will receive an invitation to schedule when openings are available.

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