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NEW PANDEMIC REQUIREMENT: All massage therapy clients must complete the COVID19 Waiver Form located below and submit by email ( by the morning of your scheduled appointment. Instructions on how to use Adobe Fill & Sign can be found here

See all services below. Non-bodywork Pregnancy and Birth options available under “Coaching” in the services dropdown menu – Please contact directly to schedule: or (734)751-3475




**At Tranquil Touch each session begins with a short consultation. Your treatment time begins when you lay on the table and the therapist starts to work.**

  • Heated Massage Table (temperature adjusted for your comfort, but not used for prenatal sessions)
  • Massage Add-ons:
    • Aromatherapy: Specially blended oils used to accentuate the benefits of massage and can be especially useful when treating specific concerns.
    • Hot Stones: Using Hot Synergy Stones during massage can increase your level of relaxation enhancing your massage session. Heat has an analgesic (pain relief) effect, reduces muscle spasms, and increases blood flow to the treated area. Hot Synergy Stones may be used on your back, arms, and/or legs and feet. PLEASE consult your physician if you are on blood thinners, are diabetic, or have any other condition that may be contraindicated.
    • Cupping: Cupping has been used for centuries because of the many benefits, here are a few: facilitate blood flow, loosen restrictions or adhesions in the tissues, stretch muscles and connective tissue, enhance your sense of relaxation and well-being. NOTE:Cupping is generally safe, however, slight bruising may occur and Cupping may be contraindicated based on your health history or medications
  • Prenatal Massage for all trimesters can help support the changes your body is experiencing during this amazing time