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Massage Therapy has been classified by health experts as a “high-risk activity” during the pandemic due to the inability for physical distancing and the amount of time spent in close proximity. When Michigan is at a “severe risk” of spread and the percentage positivity rate is greater than 5%, the following policies are in effect:

Please read through the following policy updates before scheduling a massage session:

  1. All prenatal clients have to submit to the portal a release from their pregnancy provider that says they are healthy and able to receive massage. This policy applies to every individual pregnancy and will remain in place permanently.
  2. When Michigan is considered at considerable risk of community spread, I have to take all possible precautions for all clients of ‘Tranquil Touch’, including those receiving birth doula support. COVID Vaccination Required for all massage therapy clients.
  3. Masks must be worn at all times
  4. How are you? and COVID waiver form must be submitted no more than 24hrs before every session

*Policies may be changed at any time. New massage therapy clients may receive a phone call or message to confirm recommended wait time of at least 48hrs between vaccine administration and massage session. To facilitate confirmation of your appointment, new massage therapy clients may choose to upload an image of the Vaccine Card to your secure client portal to be kept on file.

Current positive coronavirus rates inside United States

Many Steps Have Been Taken for Your Safety & Comfort

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