Doula Support

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Postpartum Doula Support

The best way to care for your baby is to let someone take care of you

I’ve been there – exhausted, unsure of what to do, crying as my baby cried because I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know where to start. Besides my husband, I had no support system and felt utterly alone and isolated, physically in pain, and emotionally fragile.

Your support needs do not end with the birth of your baby. In many ways, they are just beginning. Perhaps this is your first baby and you are adding “mommy” to your list of titles and responsibilities. Maybe you have one or more older children and have concerns about integrating your new baby into the family. This transition can be emotionally challenging – especially when you are physically recovering, perhaps learning to breastfeed, experiencing loss of or disordered sleep, among other things unique to your circumstances. Having the postpartum support of a Birth Specialist with almost 2 decades of experience helping women during this life-changing period can help you feel loved, cared for, and capable of meeting all the challenges of having a newborn.

Each new mom’s Maternal Mental Health needs to be a priority. My postpartum doula care centers on giving you Perinatal Emotional & Mental Health Support to help you understand what is normal (for you and for your baby), giving you a shoulder to cry on if needed, and providing you with the information and care you need to cope with the challenges of this new phase of your life.

Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, your emotional and mental well-being is essential to transitioning successfully to parenting a newborn. I am a trauma-informed, fully-trained member of Postpartum Support International, a Survivor Moms Companion Tutor, and a Perinatal Mental Health Coach who can help you and your parenting partner navigate this very special 4th Trimester together.

Loved Ones Can Buy You the Gift of Support