Meet Your Birth Specialist: Exie

“I’m the Girl…Who is always there for people when they need a friend. I’m also the girl who faces many issues alone, but will still do anything to see someone smile.” -3am Thoughts

Maybe this describes you too. If so, that’s why I’d like to take care of you 🤗

I’m Exie Buehler, your birth specialist and massage therapist. As a mom, I will never forget the feeling of wonder at the fact that my body was carrying a new life – along with the feelings of anxiety about whether or not I would be able to “succeed” at birth, breastfeeding, and parenting.

From the day you receive confirmation of your pregnancy, you begin walking on a journey that reveals itself slowly and that no one has ever walked before because you are special, unique, and an individual unlike any other person on earth…and so is each baby you have. Along the way, you will question yourself many times as your baby grows and you reach new stages in life. I firmly believe that the skills you learn during pregnancy and birth will empower you and help you face whatever twists and turns the journey of parenthood brings.

My passion and my privilege to help

If you are a believer that people have a purpose and some have a calling – then this is mine. As a woman, a wife, and a mother, I am honored to be chosen by countless families to walk the pregnancy and birth journey as their childbirth educator since 2012, and as their birth doula for the births of over 100 babies since 2005. I am especially appreciative of the opportunity to expand my services by becoming specially trained in supporting birth-givers who have trauma histories, whether those involve previous birth experiences or other types of trauma that can affect the birthing process. It is also a privilege to be chosen by over 1,000 clients who have come to Tranquil Touch for massage therapy since 2004, including many birth-givers who have come for prenatal massage.

Whether you are looking for support during pregnancy, for your baby’s birth, or during the postpartum transition to motherhood – As a mom myself, I know how important and special this time is; and helping you through it in any way I can is a privilege.

If including massage therapy (from relaxation to pain management to prenatal) in your wellness journey is what you are looking for, I am so grateful because that was how Tranquil Touch began and my foundation of service to my clients will always come from my massage therapist heart.

When I’m not working, you can find me with my nose in a book, “dancing” to 80’s music, or just hanging out with my family.

Warmly, Exie B.