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Our Support has Stretched Over Hundreds of Miles Across the US and into Canada

Enhanced Pregnancy & Birth Doula Support that Sets Us Apart

Exie is specially trained in the Prevention of Birth Trauma and Ciana is trained in the Fundamentals of Birth Trauma. Our shared goal is to ensure that you have what you need to feel fully safe and supported during this special time. From the point of contract, we will work together to understand what that means for you and how it can be accomplished, including creating your Birth Care & Support Plan. While one of us takes point as your primary doula to ensure continuity of care and the development of a trusting bond, we work together combining our knowledge, education, and experience so that all of your pregnancy and birth concerns will be addressed. Our experience includes virtual support that has extended to clients outside the state of Michigan and even into Canada. We both consider it a privilege to join your birth team.

  • Trauma-Informed/Trained Care Providers
  • Certified Birth Doulas with Childbirth International
  • Trained in Safety and Infection Control and Prevention
  • Certified Aromatherapist, Level 1 NAHA (4/2017-present)
  • Certified Basic Life Support (BLS) – American Heart Association
  • Licensed & Board Certified Massage Therapist/Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist
  • Infant Massage Instructor

Previous Clients & Their Partners Have Been:

▪Professional Athletes
▪Stay-At-Home Parents
▪Corporate Professionals
▪Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
▪Your Friends & Family

Why Should You Invest in Birth Support?

▪Pregnancy and Birth are Life-Changing Experiences
▪The average rate of births worldwide for each birth-giver is <3 times
▪There are no “do-overs” in birth, each one leaves a lasting impression on the birth-giver and their family
▪Our experiences in pregnancy and birth can impact our relationships with the new baby, older children, partners, and others
▪Being emotionally supported by a Birth Expert & Guide who is knowledgeable in both pregnancy and all kinds of births and can help you navigate potential twists and turns while facilitating effective communication with your providers. This can be the single most important factor in how you feel about your entire experience
Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) are the most common pregnancy and childbirth complication. Partners can also experience trauma after childbirth, but frequently suffer silently – the risk to either parent is significantly increased if they experience a lack of support or feeling of safety
▪Although every birth is unique and no one can know exactly how it will unfold, having a Birth Expert & Guide available to educate you and answer your questions any time during your childbirth season can greatly decrease the “fear of the unknown” by teaching you tools that can help you and your partner cope and work with the entire process

At Tranquil Touch Birth & Women’s Wellness, you receive birth support services in a personally connected and reassuring way with thoughtfulness and respect to help you feel nurtured, supported, and confident about your pregnancy and birth journey, however it unfolds.

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Collaborate with Exie to design a Curated Private Birth Class that addresses your unique needs and concerns are for your baby’s birth.

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