Infant Massage


The importance of touch in the development of a new baby has been well-documented. Most loving parents find it very natural to gently touch and “rub” or “pat” their babies in a soothing manner. Giving your baby regular massage sessions will have numerous benefits, as listed below:

  • Increases a Sense of Being Loved and Accepted
  • Increases Alertness
  • Decreases Stress & Improves Sleep Habits
  • May Decrease Hyperactivity in Older Children
  • Stimulates Circulation
  • Strengthens Digestion
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces discomfort caused by colic, gas, constipation, teething, and sinus congestion


  • Improves Relaxation for Caregiver
  • Promotes Parenting Skills by Teaching Methods to Relax Baby
  • Provides Quality Bonding Time
  • Increases a Caregiver’s Awareness of Baby’s Physical Conditions


These are just some of the benefits to both baby and caregiver when Infant Massage is given regularly.
Infant Massage can also be especially beneficial for preemies and babies who experienced difficult deliveries. Infant Massage also helps increase the bond between adopted babies and their parents.
Learning how to properly give Infant Massage will allow both you and baby to enjoy these benefits and more, consistently and confidently.
Call now to schedule a Private Infant Massage class. Parents, Grandparents, Siblings and Babysitters can all learn. Classes are fun and provide a wonderful opportunity for your family to spend time together.
If you are the leader of a local mom’s or parent’s group, classes can be held at your normal meeting location.
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