Doula Testimonials

These testimonials have been taken from evaluation forms submitted by some of our clients with written permission to be shared on this site…

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L & D ~ 2010
Exie & Mia at her postpartum home visit

Exie was absolutely incredible for the birth. I felt like I had an ally and good friend the whole time. She coached me through tough times, helped me laugh when I needed to.
C & J ~ 2 time clients in 2009 & 2011

Exie gave us support, encouragement & vital information that I truly believe helped us to avoid a second C-section. Informing us of our options and of what was happening physically, as well as the mind-body connection, I feel was key in our having a successful V-BAC.
L & A ~ 2009

Her presence during the labor-helping me mentally through along with making it more physically comfortable. Exie was a big help making my husband feel a part of the labor process. He thought Exie was fantastic. This was our second birth with her and we were so thankful she could be a part of it.
D & L ~ 2 time clients in 2007 & 2009

Exie went above and beyond. Her being there for me and capturing pictures of my son coming into our world was wonderful. Something I will always cherish. Even after I gave birth to my son I appreciate Exie for her continued emotional support. Especially after less than 24 hours the hospital transported my son to a different hospital into their NIC unit. Thank you Exie for everything!
T ~ 2009

Exie was someone I could trust to know what I needed to hear, and what encouragement would help keep me focused. I always knew she would be there to help me so I was never alone or without someone to care for me during labor. My husband would not allow me (or him!) to have a child without a doula! He could not do it without our Doula Exie!
S & C ~ 3 time clients 2005, 2008, 2010

It’s one thing to read about and see demos of different laboring positions and techniques, but having a knowledgeable person right there with you makes all the difference. The massage techniques that Exie used on me and taught my husband greatly added to my comfort level particularly prior to transition. The best part of working with Exie was having an expert to work with that was able to see us through the entire process. Nurses & doctors can be great, but they rarely have the time to give continual support, both prior to and during labor. Having that friendly face in the room, wholly concerned with what we wanted made my husband and I feel much more empowered about the whole process.
E & C ~ 2009

Exie immediately noticed that I looked really tense & reminded me to relax – kept reminding me to relax my face, arms, etc. which was extremely helpful. When things got pretty intense Exie made me voice my fears and deal with them so we could progress – it helped to admit I was scared and anxious to get to the hospital. Once again, I was extremely thankful to have Exie by my side.
T & J ~ 2 time clients 2009 & 2011

Exie was incredibly positive and encouraging. She continued to remind me that my body had been designed to do “this” and that I could do it. Even when I made the decision to have a C-section, Exie still encouraged me and reminded me that I hadn’t “given up”. She was instrumental in keeping me focused. Exie was able to answer all my questions and provide me with information necessary to my pregnancy. She was also able to elaborate on and explain information provided by the nurses and doctors. Exie was AWESOME! I have told my friends/family about her and would recommend her to anyone.
R & M ~ 2011

Her knowledge and experience at each stage during the delivery was very helpful and put us at ease with her explanation. She provided a relaxing environment with music and gave words of encouragement at the right time. It gave me peace of mind having someone we trust and who was knowledgeable about the birth process there with me.
D & D ~ 2012

We can’t stress enough how useful and truly a necessity having a doula is. It helps you stick with your birth plan as long as possible. and if there are changes, and inevitably there is, the doula is right there with you every step of the way.
R & J ~ 2 time clients 2007 & 2012