Doula Testimonials

Doula Testimonials

The following testimonials have been taken from evaluation forms submitted by some of our clients with written permission to be shared on this site…

The emotional aspect of VBAC trial & ending up needing a C-section was very difficult. If not for Exie, I think I would have fallen apart. Instead, I was totally at peace with the whole process and actually had the best birth experience so far!
K & A ~ 2011

Exie was a wealth of knowledge. Prior to my labor, we had a few medical questions come up. Exie obviously isn’t a doctor, but she helped me to understand what was going on and possible outcomes. She was at the hospital and provided unbiased information so that my husband and I could make an informed decision. After delivery, everything was a blur. I remember Exie helping to get Hailey latched on for breastfeeding. No one needed to guide her on what to do, she was amazing and knowing exactly what to do and when we needed her to do it.
A & K ~ 2011

Exie provided words of encouragement throughout my labor. When I thought that the pain was too unbearable, she was there to encourage me and reassure me that I was doing a great job. She was also an awesome communicator between me and the nursing staff – she would let the nurses know if I needed something or had a question, and she would assist me in better understanding the nurses’ response and my options for progressing with labor. She also provided a great amount of emotional support to my husband – she reassured him and put his mind at ease. Thanks to Exie, we felt confident about the entire labor and delivery. Feeling confident is invaluable. We didn’t have any unanswered questions or any miscommunications. We felt like we had an “expert” on our team every step of the way. My husband and I were so grateful for her help and encouragement. After the birth of our son, we marveled at all the help Exie provided and wondered how (and why) women give birth without the assistance of a doula.
P & B ~ 2011

Exie’s physical support was amazing. Throughout the labor and delivery process, Exie offered a variety of pain management strategies, techniques, and positioning that really worked. Exie’s support was flexible and tailored to my needs moment by moment. Even when I simply needed another hand to hold, Exie was there. She even held herself in a crouched position to keep my monitor on so I could remain in a comfortable and productive position. Exie definitely knows her way around the delivery room. Even the doctors were impressed with her support.
A & V ~ 2011

Having Exie helped me to achieve my goal of having an all natural labor & delivery. By having her as a ‘labor coach’ my husband & I felt more relaxed. I was in the labor & delivery room for only 6.5 hours & pushed 1/2 hour. I wanted to be in & out of there as quick as possible with my new little baby. My husband thought Exie was wonderful to have, she was very reassuring & helped him to remain calm. She also let him know how to help me as I was in the L & D process.
V & M ~ 2012

This evaluation was all written from dad’s perspective…
I must say, I was skeptical at first to hire her. However, after she came to our house, to walk “S” through the process and time out her contractions, I was happier and more at ease. When we got to the hospital and Exie was with “S” at all times, I am convinced that she was absolutely worth the money. I am sold, and will definitely hire Exie again. I know that we may have been able to do things on our own, but with Exie, everything was easier.
S & J ~ 2012

(Exie) used massage to help baby rotate…back labor quickly became effective labor when contractions were located more in my abdomen. (She) used pressure points on my hands while laboring in (the) tub. (She was) knowledgeable on pushing and the more effective positions that (were) assisted with gravity. I never thought I “needed” one, but now I know I will not attempt childbirth without one! I suggest doulas, especially Exie, to all my friends who are thinking of becoming parents.
K & P ~ 2012

Exie is an awesome massage therapist! Between strong contractions, she would help me to relax by rubbing my lower back. Exie did a great job helping me to understand what was going on with my body during the birthing process. The midwife would let me know what was going on but Exie helped me to translate what I actually had to do to speed the birth process up. For this birth, my son was in a position that had to be changed. Exie helped me to get into a position that would help him to turn to the correct birthing position.
G & G ~ 2 time clients 2010 & 2012

Exie was positive, calm and loving to both my husband and me. She even provided the perfect, relaxing music! She suggested & helped with different positioning to help with pain relief and to move the baby along. She used massage and pressure points to help alleviate pain. The prenatal massages were fantastic too! If I ever decide to have another child, I would hire Exie in a heartbeat! My OB/GYN also liked her so much, she wants to refer her to other patients.
C & J ~ 2012

I needed someone to be a calm presence. A person that could read my needs and act accordingly – Exie does just that. She provided comfort and encouragement – which was most helpful as this was my first birth. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I needed to get over my fear and through my intense back labor pain. My husband felt it was well worth it in hiring a doula. She explained the process of birth & answered questions as needed. She helped him help me through suggestions in how to massage/hold me/sit by me/put a washcloth on me/give me water, etc…things that in the end provided that additional strength to push our baby out!!
L & C ~ 2012

The most helpful aspect of having Exie present was the emotional support during labor. If she had not been there I probably would not have been successful with the VBAC because I would not have had the focus necessary to persevere through the process. The doula is a good investment if a woman wants to attempt a natural vaginal delivery (VBAC, medicated, etc). It is helpful to have someone whose complete focus is you, while you’re in labor. Exie is a fantastic person and doula! I have spoken about her to numerous friends and she will always be a positive part of my birth stories.
M & R ~ 2 time clients 2011 & 2013

Exie was so prepared with all the tools to help with my labor. She provided excellent physical support including massage and holding my hand through contractions. I’m so happy with how my delivery went.
J & T ~ 2013

Wouldn’t have babies without her! That should sum it up! Exie is the best!
K & P ~ 2 time clients 2012 & 2013

Exie provided constant encouragement & suggestions to keep me moving & managing contractions. I walked, did supported lunging, with doula & husband & yoga. Exie also provided massage when I labored in the tub & in the rocking chair. The massage was restorative & enabled me to labor for 28 hrs. Exie’s positive & calm affect helped me stay focused when given disappointing news about about progress or frustrated by interactions with some medical staff.
F & T ~ 2013

Exie’s role included: Amazing support and techniques provided during the entire labor process. She helped manage pain with physical work and ideas that we could not have done on our own. Exie had positive, calm energy and excellent instructions and methods to manage specific pain during labor. Her understanding the reason for back pain helped us know how to manage it and reduce it. My husband feels that Exie provided him peace of mind and needed support to manage my labor process to a successful conclusion. Overall, we don’t feel we would’ve had as successful of a birth experience without Exie!
A & L ~ 2014

I had an epidural, but Exie massaged my legs and feet because I had such terrible nerve pain. She pushed me through, thank god! She talked me through every step. No one should do without having a doula, it should be a standard part of birth support from the hospital. My partner feels grateful and said it is the best money he’s ever spent!
J & M ~ 2015