What Sets Us Apart

Massage Therapy and Birth Services for Women
Farmington, Michigan

Why come here for massage therapy and birth services?

We are a small business that caters to women in all stages and phases of life.  We know how valuable your time and resources are and begin timing your session when you lay on the massage bed, ready to receive massage.

Our therapist is Michigan State Licensed and Board Certified (by NCBTMB)

At Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage for Women, LLC., our licensed and certified massage therapist understands the stresses that your body goes through in everyday life. Our therapist focuses on helping to alleviate symptoms by encouraging the body’s own natural healing process.  Experience our expert massage therapy service where we understand your needs for total relaxation and pain relief.

Pregnancy and Birth are our specialty

This is your “One-Stop Shop” for the additional support and care you need as you wait for your baby to make their grand entrance into your family

Continuity of care in all trimesters with our Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist who is specially trained and experienced in working with the many changes that occur during pregnancy. Prepare to meet your baby by learning about the birth experience and the options you have available to you in a private class with our Certified Childbirth Educator. Get the support you need throughout your labor and baby’s birth from our Certified Birth Doula who has been there for the births of over 100 babies in all the medical systems in SE Michigan.

Our Mission: We help our clients recognize that by receiving massage therapy regularly, they can combat the daily stresses of life and become better spouses, mothers, and people.  Our goal is to use massage therapy along with education and self-care, so that women can become empowered to increase their health and well-being while reducing overall healthcare costs for themselves, their families and communities.

Our Vision: By providing quality, individualized care, women will find the support they need to combat the effects that stress has on their physical and emotional states.  We also believe that by providing education and support to women and their families during pregnancy and childbirth, we can help women feel empowered and knowledgeable about their choices for birth; thus improving maternal and infant outcomes while also decreasing the healthcare costs that are usually associated with highly medicalized childbirth.