Birth Classes and Doula Services

Birth Services

From the earliest signs of pregnancy, you want to do the best for your baby.

Exie offers a variety of services to assist you in this amazing and life-changing journey. Clients can comfortably choose to receive any or all of the birth services she offers.

Receiving prenatal massage regularly can help both you and your baby as your body changes and grows. Taking a birthing class is essential to understanding and becoming comfortable with the choices you have for your baby’s entrance into the world. Having a doula provide professional, constant support during labor and birth can help you, your partner, and your baby have the best birth-day experience possible.

Private Birth Classes, Choose the class that best fits your needs:

Informed & Empowered

    • Designed to go at a pace comfortable for you, 8-9 hrs** total over 2 days
    • For new parents-to-be who want a thorough understanding of birth and their options

Informed & Empowered Crash Course

    • Designed for new parents-to-be who don’t have a lot of time, but want to know what they can expect and what they can choose for their baby’s birth
    • Estimated time 6-7 hrs** at one time

Childbirth Refresher

    • Designed for parents who have experienced birth in the past, but want a refresher on what to expect and what their options are
    • Estimated time 5-6 hrs** at one time

Additional Class Options

    • Naturally Empowered Birth – For first-time parents planning for unmedicated birth
    • BIrth Refresher Naturally – For experienced birthers planning an unmedicated birth
    • VBAC with Confidence – For parents who desire a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

All Classes are Private and:

  • Are conveniently scheduled at times that work best for you
  • Can be tailored to address your specific concerns and desires for birth
  • Allow you to freely discuss your fears and thoughts about birth without embarrassment
  • Teach expectant moms and partners a variety of coping methods for all stages of labor, including how partners can stay connected and give support with an epidural, or any other pain management choices
  • Include practice time on an electric bed to help partners understand how to give support while maintaining good posture for their own comfort and stamina
  • Help you learn skills to communicate your needs to your caregivers
  • Give information regarding common medical procedures during hospital births

**Time variances are due to classes proceeding a pace comfortable for each couple’s needs

Complete the Birth Class Request Form (also available in drop-down menu)

Birth Class – What Clients Have Said:

  • “We would recommend this class because we liked the personalized way the class progresses at our own pace. We both felt more confident in asking questions since it was just the 3 of us.” ~ R & A
  • “We were able to gain information, including pros & cons of each intervention to aid our decision-making” ~ A & N
  • “We learned a lot and the private class format was super-convenient for us” ~ A & N
  • “Our favorite activity was the massage and comfort procedures.” ~ A & V
  • “This class exceeded our expectations!” “Our favorite activities were the movements, activities and positions for comfort and moving ‘baby’ into the right place” ~ J &M
  • “Class exceeded our expectations.It provided great information with interactive components.” ~ A & V
  • “I have the confidence that I will be able to give birth to my child and make educated decisions when it comes to the many different options during labor.” ~ K & C
  • “This class exceeded our expectations. We feel informed, excited & positive” ~ F & T
  • “Our favorite activity was creating the draft of a birth plan” ~ M & B
  • “We were given all of the relevant details for the various birth options” ~ M & B

Birth Doula Services:

What is a Doula?  In Greek it can be loosely translated as “lady’s servant” or “handmaiden”.  A Doula provides emotional support, help with physical comfort, and information during your pregnancy and through the birthing process.  She is often referred to as a “labor companion”.

You may be a good candidate for a Birth Doula if you:

  • Are interested in choosing comfort measures during labor and delivery (which may be included with or take the place of pain medicine)
  • Believe that a woman’s body is made with the ability to bring forth life.
  • Wish to have your partner fully participate in supporting you during your baby’s birth.
  • Desire to have a supportive professional by your side wherever you choose to birth your baby.  This means that I focus all my attention on you and your partner while your obstetrician or midwife performs all clinical duties.

Using my knowledge as a massage therapist and my training in prenatal and labor therapy, I offer so much more…

  • Help create a list of birth preferences that works for you
  • Access to informational books and publications to help inform you of your options and rights
  • Prenatal massage therapy
  • Massage and support during your labor and delivery ~ this support includes your partner so that the two of you can have the best and most beautiful birth experience possible.
  • Postpartum massage therapy ~  After your 6 week exam and clearance from your doctor or midwife you may receive a full body massage to help your body return to its pre-pregnancy state.

Studies have found that having a Doula present at your birth may help to reduce the incidence of pain medicine, episiotomy, and cesarean section and shorten average labor and delivery time.

A message from Exie:  Having the support of a Doula can also enable you and your partner to fully enjoy the experience of bringing your baby into your lives.  I will stay by you and your partner’s side from the moment of my arrival at the hospital or birthing center until about 1 hour after your baby’s birth.  This is reassuring because you will never be left in the delivery room alone.  I will provide information, physical comfort, emotional support and ensure that your birth plan is followed as closely as possible.  I will not take the place of your family or partner, nor will I perform clinical exams.  My sole purpose will be to focus on you and your partner’s needs and comforts throughout labor and delivery.

Please call me to schedule a free consultation to further discuss in detail how I can serve you and your partner during your pregnancy and birth, the cost of services and how you may get reimbursement through your insurance company or health savings account. For your convenience, consultations can be in person at my office and via Skype

Doulamatch Profile

I’ve had the honor of supporting families in 100+ births at the following hospitals:   Henry Ford Main in Detroit, St. Mary’s in Livonia,Oakwood in Dearborn, Huron Valley-Sinai in Commerce, Providence ABC in Southfield, Beaumont in Troy, Beaumont in Royal Oak, Henry Ford West Bloomfield, U of M Hospital in Ann Arbor, Providence L&D in Southfield, St. Joe’s in Ann Arbor, Providence Park in Novi, Beaumont/Botsford in Farmington Hills, Beaumont in Grosse Pointe.

**Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist, Certified Labor/Birth Doula (CBI) Certified Childbirth Educator (Dip CBEd CBI)

Previously: Certified Massage Doula through the Institute of Somatic Therapy, Professional Member Oakland County Chapter BirthNetwork – advocating the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative