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Have you listened to our previous episodes? We teased a few glimpses into our birth stories and shared the births of our 1st children in Episode 3. Last episode, we talked about some of the natural and pharmaceutical induction options available and why you may want to consider or decline one or more of them. Now, we are sharing the stories of our 2nd births and our experiences with being induced. Enjoy!

In this episode, we are talking about natural and pharmaceutical induction methods, why some birth-givers would choose one of those methods, and some things to discuss with your provider. Hope you enjoy!

We’re sharing the stories of the births of our first children. Join us for a walk down memory lane starting 25 years ago as Exie prepared to meet her first son and then we’ll jump to 2010 as Ciana anxiously awaits the birth of her daughter. We can look back and laugh now at some of the things that happened, hope you laugh along with us!

In this first full-length episode, we answer the question: What is a Doula? We will talk about the roles and responsibilities of a doula and even touch on our own birth experiences which we’ll expand on in future episodes. 

This has to be the most exciting news since the pandemic began!!! My good friend and I have started a podcast! As a doula with over a decade of experience, I am honored that she asked me to mentor her on her journey to become a doula. We decided to launch this podcast as a way to stay in touch and encourage one another as women, as mothers, and as doulas. Hope you enjoy

PS, we are learning this podcast thing as we go, so please be patient with us. We are in the process of being listed in directories, but you can always find us here.

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