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It’s funny because when I was young, I acted like and was considered an extrovert – described as “outgoing” and “bubbly”. Now, I consider myself an “introvert/extrovert” because I do love people, but I also love to be by myself. That being said, I always try to put myself out there and meet people when I’m in a new place. I am a nurturer, a caregiver, an empath and do remarkably well in crises (as history has shown and you may learn in time as I open up here).

I love stories and I always want to know why people do things, what motivates people and how things end up the way they do. I’m also very decidedly “Type-A” with a tendency to focus on “getting things right” and following the rules. Creativity is not one of my strong suits (picking paint color sends me in a tailspin), but I have always enjoyed writing and sharing experiences with others.

Even though both of my chosen professions are fairly isolating (I work alone in my massage/birth services office), working with no more than 5 people a day; this stay at home order that has kept me from seeing clients for several weeks now has made my extrovert side want to come out and play. Not only that, but I feel the need to document how this pandemic has affected me as an LMT, birth doula, childbirth educator- and as a person, wife and mother.

So, here I am, blogging and “vlogging” for whomever wants to keep up with me and see how things are going for me during this pandemic. I only ask that if you choose to comment, you are kind. The world has enough places where people can be cruel. My blog/website is not one of those and negative comments will be removed.

Thank you and welcome to my world! click to enter

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