Rabbit Holes & Debt

Hear my ups (my free childbirth class for pregnant people during the pandemic) and my downs (massage therapy isn’t all spa music and endorphins – at least for this therapist/owner)

What has been keeping me busy?

I’ve got a few things going on

Can I call it “Pregnancy brain”? Or is it the pandemic?

So, I took something like 10 takes of this. Then I finished the email I was composing for my clients. In the middle of that, I was put on alert that my first virtual doula birth might be happening (so exciting!!!)….And I forgot to include the link to this video until now, 12:30am the next […]

Video Diary

My Journey – the Pandemic and How It Changed Me

Will I or Won’t I? This pandemic has really thrown all of us for a crazy loop! At best, you are like my family and just having trouble finding things to keep the boredom at bay. At worst, you are having to navigate grief (which is hard enough) through a disjointed and upside down world […]