Rabbit Holes & Debt

Episode 2

This is my longest and biggest post yet. I’ve been discovering some things on my computer with editing that kept me from posting this sooner, but I had fun figuring it all out (with the exception of the 2 times my compuiter froze and I lost everything). I am feeling more comfortable with this and have opened up a little bit more. I have a lot to say, but what I didn’t record, I’m adding in writing.

This week was a week on the rollar coaster of life. Not only am I still having unemployment problems, but the massage forums where the feeling initially was “we’re all in this together” and “how can we support each other until we’re back to work” has devolved into a world of judging, condemnation and overall confusion regarding if, when, and how we as a profession can safely begin to see clients again. I get it, everyone is afraid. People are not getting any money coming in. Bills are piling up. Grocery store shelves are becoming empty and people everywhere are just plain scared. Not only that, but as a profession, we are still fighting to be recognized by the general public as licensed providers of a valuable complementary health and wellness service. So, those were the low parts.

On the “up side”, I had several pregnant people and their partners attend my Compact Childbirth Ed for the COVID-19 Time class and it was so encouraging to be able to talk about birth and provide some comfort and support to them as they prepare to meet their babies. Due to the constant forward movement in research of this virus, I am checking back daily and updating the information I include in the slides for this class. Of course, as is my nature, I’ve fallen down a few “rabbit holes” in my COVID-19 research. Additionally, as some states begin to open and Governor Whitmer lays out her plan for a gradual reopening of Michigan, I fell down another “rabbit hole” and ended up going deeper in debt. I almost wonder if it was like the toilet paper effect when this all began 7 weeks ago. I think I was feeling so positive about my class that the feeling kept me up enough to be confident in ordering items that I believe will be necessary to reopen – whenever that is.

Then, of course, the rollercoaster had to go back down…Looking at the Governor’s MI Safe Start Plan this morning leaves a lot of questions, as it does not give any guidance regarding “places of personal accommodation” which is what massage facilities were included under when this all began. At this point, who I really want to watch are the dentists and orthodontists. Right now, they are only permitted to take emergency appointments. My opinion at this moment is that when they are allowed to return to normal practice, so should massage therapists because being above someone’s open mouth and putting your hands inside as you lean closely in has got to be riskier than giving someone a massage with both the therapist and client wearing masks and taking precautions.